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Sail Projects

My Vision

“It is a long-cherished dream of many in the sailing world to unite the Olympic and offshore sailing world. That is also my dream. So I believe that we should take this first chance. If you want something, you have to work for it."
“By joining now, we as a country will learn very valuable lessons. We may not be that far yet, but we are looking for many answers. We want to pay some tuition fees for that.

mixed offshore douwe.jpeg

Current Project: Mixed Offshore

What do you get when you cross Olympic sailing with ocean sailing? A non-stop sailing race over four days from point a to b. In one sentence, that is the description of the new Olympic sailing discipline that is scheduled for four years in Paris. The class has been renamed mixed offshore. This refers to the combination of man / woman on the boat and sailing far from the coast, which is the normal playing field during the Games.

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